Divers on one of the dive sites near the resorts at Lobster Wall. Small coral wall, perfect for afternoon and night dives. Alcyonarians hundreds of blue hanging on the wall give it a distinctive look. It's a dive to look for small animals, such as the clown frogfish, various types of crustaceans, tens of nudibranchs and the ever elusive Ocellated lionfish. West Ridge. Furrowed with deep vertical wall starters, as if a giant hand had scraped a reef. On the outside wall abundant soft corals and sea fans, while the incoming pile bat fish, sweet lips groups, mere solitary, small groups of surgeons and angelfish many different varieties. Attention to the sandy bottom of these starters, because they are usually chosen by leopard sharks to rest. Intermittently also find small holes in the wall, like a terrace, where almost certainly find turtles resting. White Tip Avenue. As its name suggests is a good place to meet white-tipped reef sharks, the most common species of this island. They are usually seen in the shallows, and the day are usually resting on the sandy bottom, but first thing in the morning or late afternoon (in Sipadan diving is not allowed after 6 pm ) are much more active, swimming in small groups and preparing for the hunt. But not only see white tips, this place is also perfect for the leopard shark or simply for contemplation of thousands of reef fish, colors and shapes of diverse cultures.