Several divers begin a dip in the vicinity of the island of Mabul, the House Reef. This dive site is directly across from the resort Mabul Water Bungalows, and is accessible from your own pier or boat, if it is housed in another facility. At first glance it seems a point of no great interest, with a sandy bottom and a regular visibility, but within seconds of being immersed we realize that this immersion is the best in Mabul, but at the same time the most peculiar we can perform. Already under the pier will see many juvenile batfish, scrawled file fish, lionfish, crocodile fish and boxfish. As we gain depth, silhouetted strange to us, are huge wooden structures, similar to scaffolding, 10 meters high. Above them there is such a concentration of life that will surprise the more experienced diver, it is easy to get lost among the thousands of Carangidae, barely let us see what is behind them, the beams of the structures are located large toadfish, and with these groupers, sweet lips and crossbows. At night the large sandy areas interspersed with coral offer unique opportunities for macro photography.