Four divers were preparing for a dive near the island of Pulau Mabul, in Turtle Tomb. A place of legend and fame. This cave offers a grand entrance to 21 feet deep, encloses dozens of skeletons of turtles, which for years was thought came to this place to die, similar to the legend of the elephant burial grounds. Even now, scientists have broken the spell of the legend, showing that they are just turtles that were lost inside the cave and suffocated to death. The immersion is done in small groups of 3 divers, with equipment and specialized guide magnum without need for specific qualifications. The first stage takes place in the entrance hall, a cave of large proportions, at the bottom (70 meters from the entrance and 14 m deep) opens a narrow tunnel that leads to the second room, a huge cavity with a central boulder, where we will see more than 60 skeletons of a tortoise, scattered throughout the room. Visibility is excellent, but divers must show exquisite control of buoyancy, as the fund is a fine silt that if they can muddy up everything. Back, and near the exit is also possible to see the skeleton of a Marlyn and practically was a huge barracuda that exceeds five feet, but this time of "flesh and blood."