Some local children swim in the beachfront of Pulau Mabul, next to a resort which hosted some of the Subrina each year flock to this place. South Point. A good site for lovers of the depth and hammers, but also ideal for those who prefer more relaxed dimensions. The first part of the dive is usually done in the lower part of the wall, where highlights barrel sponges and elephant ears, but soon attracted depth is lost in endless parade of fish that circulate in the top: sharks whitetip, leopard sharks, turtles, platax and often large schools of Carangidae (mainly large-eyed mackerel) provide more than interesting and including pompano mixed Australian and small sharks. A dip of which is often asked to repeat. Turtle Patch. A very similar profile to South Point, with a broad platform on top, which also often find schools of jacks. Gorgoinias and all kinds of soft corals line the wall and reef fish diversity is very large, but possibly the most surprising is the number of turtles, and it is difficult to surprise this in Sipadan, since they are permanent companions immersion . At Turtle Patch are magnified, are everywhere, resting on large black coral, hidden in any wall cavity, swimming - alone or in groups - in the blue and forming large groups in sandy areas, where are treated for parasites by the cleaner wrasse. A unique opportunity to see the behavior in pigs.