Some house boats used by fishermen from the island of Mabul Pualu. Lobster Lair. Wall diving dominated by large gorgonians and ongoing parade of sea batfish followed. It is a place where we should not lose sight of the blue, since next to South Point is one of the best places to see hammerhead sharks, Sphyrna lewini type, which can form groups of more than 50 individuals. If the water temperature is high, as often happens in Sipadan, we go to deep levels. If you have suitable qualification technical diving, deep dives are organized between 60 and 70 meters. Mid Reef. The profile of this dip is very similar to other parts of the island, alternating slope and wall, but not diving it is repetitive. Acroporas occupy the top and exposed the reef, where the most abundant fish are small and medium size, such as groupers, chipmunks, angel, butterflies, surgeons, fusiliers, damselfish and rabbit fish, the latter being something worthy of note, since the variety and quantity of these animals is very big, something really hard to see in other places. In the sandy areas is common to see white tip sharks, forming small groups, or turtles, which tolerate the presence of divers to unimaginable limits. As we gain depth decreases vertebrate life and soft corals and increase the possibility of encounters with gray or silver tip sharks.