A boy plays in the sea near the fishing town of Roma on the island of Pulau Mabul. Barracuda Point. Diving is the most representative of Sipadan. Formed by a large coral platform that extends out as to suddenly transform into a wall that descends to almost oceanic 1,000 meters. Especially first thing in the morning and live better, you can see a real parade of animals. For the early birds is almost sure to find a school of parrot fish compact buffalo, are also frequent groups batfish and schools of bigeye trevally, but undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited are the barracudas, that they form a school of over a thousand copies, which clog up the sunshine. Between them, gray sharks, silver tips, white tips, one leopard and one could not forget, turtles and more turtles. The hundreds of reef fish, sea fans and sponges really overshadowed by the above.