Boats resting beside the sand on the island of Pulau Mabul, paradise for divers and inhabited by gypsies of the sea. Mabul is especially known for its proximity to the island of Sipadan (Malaysia). Schools of thousands of barracuda followed by banks or batfish Carangidae, dozens of buffalo fish, reef sharks and an endless parade of turtles is what stands in Sipadan, while Kapalai Mabul and toad fish or ghost pipe alternate with hundreds of horse mackerel, juvenile platax, mandarins, or fry nudibranchs chest unimaginable, unreal-looking. A dive of endless possibilities. Current legislation Sabah National Park provides a maximum quota of 120 divers a day on the island of Sipadan. This quota is distributed among the different dive operators in the area, and to access the need to apply for a permit to National Parks. For this reason the Sipadan diving is not always guaranteed and is subject to its grant, which is nominative, for each diver. For more information, please contact our reservations department.