Boats used by the inhabitants of the island of Mabul for fishing. This island attract thousands of divers each year to be considered one of the most privileged of the world for its diversity of seafloor. Coral Garden. Reef and sometimes steep wall, which reaches almost the surface, something that makes us very comfortable to enjoy this dive in the safety stop. Standing next to the company of green and hawksbill turtles, we consider a very good representation of the reef fish that inhabit these funds. The parrots nibble the coral, while pairs of butterfly scrutinize every corner in search of food, as well as a wide variety of angelfish. Gorgonians and sponges that line the wall are u varied and colorful, and before them - if we listen - we can watch the proceedings from tuna and sharks burly gray that lurk in the blue, while the white tips resting in the clear sand.