Gypsy village on Mabul Island near the island of Sipadan. Sidapan Island was declared a natural park and its beaches are the place for laying eggs of green turtles. Sidapan dives are known for its vertical and its abundant pelagic fauna. Sidapan Island is located in the northeast of Borneo in the Celebes Sea. Is an oceanic island, emerging from 600 m. deep. In some of the dive sites of Sipadan reef gradually drops to 20 m. starting depth to the cliff. In these walls full of caves and sea fans are found throughout the pelagic fauna: schools of barracuda, blankets, white tip sharks, gray, hammerhead sharks, schools of buffalo parrotfish, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, etc.. But not only the pelagic fauna attracts divers from all in one dive can identify different species of nudibranchs, leaf fish, prawns, fish hawk, several species of clownfish brown tape, etc. The cruise aboard the Celebes Explorer is the first to combine diving in the islands of Mabul, Kapalai and Siamil with dives on the island of Sipadan. It is also the only cruise that offers diving and coral islands that were previously closed to the diver, such as Siamil (with incredible gardens of soft corals). The diving board is unlimited.