Hapuna Beach, one of the 100 best beaches in the world according to the ranking of some of the guide books. Big Island. King Kalakaua traveled the world spreading the prestigious Hawaiian to ensure their independence. Promoted the revival of indigenous culture through Hula dancing resurrection prohibited by American missionaries before. To improve the economy, he negotiated the sale of sugar to the U.S. in exchange for the use of Pearl Harbor as a naval base. Kalakaua's sister, Lili'oukalani was the next to reach the throne. On one side was the pressure of his people to limit foreign influence, and on the other, the fierce corporate resistance eventually dethrone American in 1893 with American military aid, which annexed the territory to the U.S., becoming in 1959 50th American state of great strategic value. Today in some sectors of the population is resurging feelings toward the indigenous, language, culture, religion, and music, calling for the independence of their country. Its streets are made ??up of chains of fast food restaurants and high-spending tourists but in their hearts, still roaring force of Pele, the goddess of fire.