Hawi is the northernmost town. Their wooden houses painted in bold colors will transform the atmosphere of the seventies, when the town was a thriving place fully dedicated to sugar cane. Big Island. After this king, five successors of the same name, Kamehameha-ruled the kingdom after his death in 1819, until the end of the dynasty, in 1872. In 1820 the first American missionaries arrived from Boston to Christianize the island, and in 1835 he founded Koloa Plantation, the first sugar cane plantation. King Kamehameha III succumbed to pressure from the missionaries Yankees and allowed foreign residents will vote in elections, and even negotiated with them the annexation of their nation in a position at least allowed the survival of the Hawaiians. His throne was succeeded by two rulers, two nephews who tried to diminish U.S. influence engaging ties with Japan.