Statue of Kamehameha the Great in Kapa'au. Big Island. Lapakahi STATE HISTORICAL PARK. If you want to know more about how people lived at that time fishermen it is best to visit the Lapakahi State Historical Park located northwest of Big Island. This small town was inhabited for over five hundred years old and was desabitado Hawaiian fishermen in the nineteenth century by the lack of water due to a decline in the water table. For generations, these people were thrown into the sea in their canoes to fish at the same time in a land harvested very productive, thanks to its volcanic origin. At present, some thatched huts remind us as were the homes of yesteryear. A marked course shows the landmarks as the halau, which were booths for canoes, ko'a ku'ula who were fishing shrines, and Konane, an ancient Hawaiian game similar to checkers practiced in a wooden base 64 indentations. The beauty of the place is indescribable thanks largely to its contrasts.