Hawi is the northernmost town. Their wooden houses painted in bold colors will transform the atmosphere of the seventies, when the town was a thriving place fully dedicated to sugar cane. Big Island. A massive stone wall, built around 1550 and still standing, separates Pu'uhonua actual land. There was, however, the stone wall that gave sanctity to the area, were the bones of 23 Hawaiian chiefs who once rested there. Nearby, two statues carved in wood Kii stand guard over the tomb containing the bones. They are not the only ones, others closer to the water warn the canoe dock on the beach was for the exclusive use of the chief and his assistants. Next to the royal gardens, a pool called Heleipalala, with spring water and salt water containing fish to feed the ali'i. In the area there are also some Halau cabin where you hung sheets that were used to guide the fish to shallow waters, a fishing method called hukilau.