Wai'anapanapa State Park. A lush green with sea caves and volcanic cliffs. Hana Highway. Maui. The bodyboarding bodyboarding Protocol is not only fun, it is also a very good exercise. This sport strengthens the arms, legs, hips and abdomen. Also not to be practiced between 11 am and 3 pm, as the intensity of the sun is very strong at that time and is easier sunburn. A good tip for beginners is not kept very close to the surfers, as they can run them down. Make sure you are familiar with the basic rules of surfing. Cross the path of a surfer can be dangerous because it may conflict with each other. Beginners should pay attention to the tides, too. During low tide, bodyboarding can be dangerous because the reefs are close to the surface and sharp edges can cause big cuts. If a court, no matter how small, the first thing to do is leave the water before starting to attract sharks. Next, it is important to disinfect the wound as the coral is an animal, and bacteria that live in it can cause skin infections if they enter the wound. If you are a beginner cautious, bodyboarding is a fun sport that can be enjoyed every day that the surf is good. It's good exercise, clear the mind of stressful thoughts and can be enjoyed by anyone who worships the water.