Waterfalls in the path of the Hana Highway. Maui. Spring: (March to June) This is a popular time for student travel. It is also a good time to get a good airfare. Spring in Hawaii is the only station where we can enjoy the beautiful jacaranda trees in bloom. Not to mention the cultural attractions like the monarchy festival and hula competition. We can also note that the spring in Hawaii tends to be somewhat rainy, but, in most cases, are passing showers. The temperature continues to stay in the 28-30 ° C. Summer (June to September) Summer in the islands is sunny and hot. Temperatures can rise to more than 30 ° C. The surf is best practiced in the southern coasts and beaches are very crowded. Also this is the special time of ripe mangoes in the islands. You will find these tasty tropical fruit in each position, are ideal to enjoy on the beach and also mix it with the ingredients so that they become an afternoon snack. During the summer it seems more active. Many local children and young people are in school holidays and beaches are always full, so the restaurants and shops. It can be very positive to be around local, there is no better way to learn about Hawaiian culture from the people who live on the islands. Fall (September to December) This time of year can be somewhat hot and humid. Regarding the weather, it may be less enjoyable season to travel to Hawaii. But the negative climate is offset by the large number of activities that take place during these months of the year, The Maui Writers Conference, The Honolulu Marathon, Festivals "Aloha" among other exciting activities.