Ka'anapali Coffee Farm. Maui. Interesting facts about the Hawaiian state seal of Hawaii The main motto is disposed on the state seal, is: "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono" "The life (sovereignty) of the land is immortalized by his integrity" . This phrase became the main motto of the Kingdom of Hawaii after King Kamehameha III uttered at the July 31, 1843. That day, following the manifesto of Queen Victoria, Hawaiian sovereignty was restored after a five-month British occupation. The first of May 1959, the phrase was adopted as the official motto of the state of Hawaii. Here are some interesting facts about the state seal: • 1959 represents the date of the nationalization. • The rising sun replaced the royal crown and the Maltese cross means the birth of a new state. • The King Kamehameha, the great God of freedom, holding the Hawaiian flag and replaces the two real warriors. • The four stripes of the Hawaiian flag in the first and fourth quarters represent the eight main islands. • Puloulou, or tabu, the ball and the bat in the second and third quarter of the shield were loaded and ready at the door of the King's house as a symbol of his authority and power. • This is a symbol of authority and power of government. • The phoenix, symbol of death and resurrection, symbolizes the change of the monarchy to a more free and democratic government. • The eight taro leaves, surrounded by banana branches and ferns, are the flora of Hawaii. Taro always had a very strong religious significance.