Biker in Lahaina. Her beautiful historic district has been named a National Historic Landmark because of the large number of restored buildings belonging to the nineteenth century. Maui. When there are heavy rains, parts of each of the Hawaiian Islands are susceptible to the occurrence of these flash floods. Heavy rain can turn a quiet little river in a dangerous river that destroys everything in its path. Every five years, lives are lost by these phenomena, even some people in their cars are washed by the river control. These rains are difficult to predict due time, may occur suddenly. In Hawaii, the floods are much more common than other natural disasters such as tsunamis or hurricanes. In October 2004, one of these powerful rains caused a flood at Manoa, a valley of Oahu. The floors of the University of Hawaii is completely wet. Apart from destroying parts of the library, the flood destroyed at least 60 homes and caused more than a million dollars in damages. In March 2006, a period of six weeks of rain caused flooding in parts of Hawaii. On Kauai, a dam broke and killed seven people. On Oahu, the rain was the cause of the Waikiki sewer overflow, which led to some areas of the island become contaminated for many days.