You definitely need time if you want to travel around! Moreover due to lack of infrastructure and basic (or complete absence of) communication. Since tourism in number of visitor arrivals in Palawan is (still) small , your accommodation choice is in extremes: either in very simple fan-cooled cottages or in very expensive resorts. Central Palawan - Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. It is the gateway for the bigger airplanes. Puerto Princesa itself is just a city and has no beaches. You can go on a day tour island hopping in Honda Bay, 30 minutes outside the city. Main attraction is “St. Paul Underground River National Park”, a 5,000 ha forest with beautiful views of cliffs and the sea. This is a 3 hours drive one way northwest of Puerto Princesa. Just outside the park a simple beach awaits, called Sabang. Merely a timeless fishing village, devoid of any tourist infrastructure.