The only time that most non divers they get to see marine mammals up close is at marine life parks. A marine park, like SeaWorld, spends millions on its marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation work. Marine Parks have educated the public on such issues as the mass slaughter of dolphins by drift netting. In total, the efforts by marine parks have saved the lives' of tens of thousands of dolphins.  As dolphin researcher McCullough, states. The Marine Parks are there, they are in business, but they need to serve a higher purpose. Dolphins in captivity deserve the best care possible and respectful treatment. These dolphins should be used to educate people about about their counterparts in the wild. SeaWorld's Assistant Curator of Marine Mammal Training: Alan Kordowski, described the educational benefits of SeaWorld's Dolphin Interaction Program. This program allows guests to enter waist deep water with dolphins. This program is ideal for teaching non-divers and children about dolphins.