Divers looking a more challenging encounter with dolphins might be interested in a captive swim program such as UNEXO's: Dolphin Experience. The dolphins live in a nine acre body of water, called Sanctuary Bay. During an open release program, the dolphins will temporally leave the bay and follow the dive boat into the open sea. The dolphins rendezvous with the divers and perform behaviors under the supervision of UNEXO trainers. In both SeaWorld's and UNEXO programs the captive dolphins are conditioned for interacting with humans. There are a different set of challenges, when divers interact with wild dolphins. Because human encroachment on dolphin habitat, steps must be taken to minimize the negative impact of these human-dolphin interactions. The National Marine Fisheries Service is the branch of the US government that protects marine mammals. The NMFS has extensive documented the harmful effects of feeding wild dolphins. In a report to congress it stated "In the best interest of dolphins forced to live in an environment surrounded by the human development, we should not intentionally further alter the behavior of these animals. ... Humans should recognize this fact and respect the wild nature of these animals by maintaining their distance and not habituating them unnatural sources of food. The flourishing number of observational cruises where feeding is not involved demonstrates the fact that observing dolphins as wild creatures is a viable, lower risk, alternative." Cristina Silvente