A jeep willys used commonly in these lands for transportation of persons or things. The word Yipao not exist in the real dictionary of the Spanish Academy. It is a barbarism that comes from the word jeep, a specific type of vehicle. They are very common yipaos coffee, banana, cassava, clutter. The Willys jeep is a jeep-type vehicle, produced in E. U. bound for the war, culminating WWII and Korea, Americans were inundated with these cars and began to sell very cheap to third world countries including COLOMBIA, light vehicles body are small, made to cross uncovered areas, unpaved. In Colombia were imported by Mr. Leonidas Lara and children destined for the army especially since they came equipped with sufficient evidence to war. At Quindio were brought by Mr. ANTONIO JARAMILLO AND JOAQUIN LONDOÑO who had driver's services MARIO JARAMILLO ARANGO. First man who entered the city of willys jeep driving (in the forties), where all that was paved in Armenia was part of the street off and a piece of real street. The Willys Jeep was manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, E.U. in June 1943 built 600,000 for the second world war. Original engine "GODEVIL" 4-cylinder, 65 horse power, transfer case "SPICER" WILLYS GP stands for "general purpose" which in Spanish means "general purpose". The parade takes place in Armenia Yipao (quindio) from 1988 on the initiative of Luis Fernando Ramirez and John JARAMILLO VELEZ ECHEVERRY in categories coroteo, human transport, agricultural and chop. Today there are four categories of the parade and contest so Yipao: Transportation of agricultural products in this category are loaded Willys with the region's agricultural products: coffee, banana, banana, cassava, wood, citrus and coffee plants ( suckers). Traditional fret: It's a very quaint category, in which participants carry their Willys with the most traditional elements of fret used in coffee farms. The Willys appears full of furniture (beds, chairs, tables, cabinets), plants, paintings, pets (dogs, cats, birds), farm animals (pigs, ducks), sewing machine, mattresses, blankets, clothes, pots , cages of chickens, lamps, health, portraits of grandparents and even some family members. Free Category: A category that requires creativity. The Willys appear in her costume and loaded everything a participant you can think of: animals, dolls, soccer equipment, shoes. Competition "the bounce": This is the most attractive and acclaimed event that causes surprise, due to the ability and strength that has the Willys Jeep and skill of the driver of the car. The competition consists of loading the Willys with 1800 kgs with products of the region (usually coffee). The weight should be evenly distributed in the back of the Willys for, then, in accelerating the car to tilt, rolling on the two rear wheels. The aim of the strike is to keep the car tilted forward as many meters in a straight line and only two tires. The Yipao is one of the most iconic cultural events Quindío is a tradition and a means of transport that identifies the culture of the Coffee.