Canopy flying over coffee at the Hotel El Bosque del Saman. Activities in touch with nature is the great attraction for Forest of Saman, with the focus your cover letter: coffee. In the House are conducted and interactive educational tours to learn about the craft of coffee. The guest can experience the same stages of cultivation, harvesting and processing of the most famous product of Colombia, as well as taste. It also may know how experiential typical tasks Farm Forest of Saman, in close contact with the earth and animals. The Eco Walk the Path is a splendid opportunity for ecotourism enthusiasts, knowing the natural beauty surrounding the coffee flowers, waterfalls, guaduales, creeks and streams. Entertainment and relaxation are assured in the many proposals of leisure Forest of Saman: the beautiful, century-old Hacienda El Eden, two pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, typical inn, board games, field games, playground , guided tour of the farm and a restaurant and bar with tasty delicacies indigenous to the region and special menus. For the realization of social events and conventions, the Farm consists of a lounge with capacity for 100 people, and offers outdoor group activities and outdoor training for groups.