Young people spend their time chatting in the central square of Filandia. Quindío. Malted Beer is unique to the beautiful city of Filandia, Quindio, as the owner of Finlandia Fruit and Coffee, John Francisco Cardenas came ideándose this shake for over 4 months for your business, where he wondered if "there was coffee milkshake , tangerine and banana smoothie, why not make a Beer shake? "was how he shaped his secret, pleasant and colorful recipe in two months and managed to give the final touch to the idea. Mr. John Francisco Cardenas says his business takes more than a year working in the town of Filandia Quindío favorite, and what attracts most tourists when they Filandia is this distinguished and exquisite Beer Shake also mixtures thereof such as ice cream, beer and secret ingredients, is accompanied by a colorful presentation of fruit (kiwi, cerezas.etc).