One of the areas of the Hotel Casa de campo El Delirio. Quindío. Quindio is in the west-central part of the country and the coffee and the paisa region, is known for its beautiful scenery of green mountains and endless coffee plantations, lush plants and adorned villages adorned with a shower of colors. The cradle is proudly Quindio national tree, the palm of Wax Quindio. Capital: Armenia Height (m): 1,480 meters (Armenia) Temperature: 24 to 8 degrees Celsius (park in the snow) Population: 534,552 inhabitants Area Area: 1,845 km ² Economy: Trade, agriculture, coffee, citrus, pineapple, yucca , beans, tomato, banana, banana, agrotourism. Telephone Prefix: 6 (096) Getting there: By air or land. Distance and time to Bogotá: Land: 265 km Air: 25 minutes History: In pre-Columbian times was inhabited by the Quimbayas, an indigenous group known for its artistic and cultural wealth. For its strategic location became a compulsory trade route, nineteenth-century colonization of Antioquia, reached what is termed the old Caldas and other sectors such as the north of Tolima and Valle, establishing villages with the passage of years became cities, such was the case in the city of Armenia, founded on October 14, 1889. Quindio department was part of the Caldas department until July 1, 1966 date that was separated officially. Ethnography: Mestizos & Whites (97.92%), Black, Mulatto (2.46%), Indian (0.41%) Municipalities: Armenia, Buenavista, Calarcá, Circassia, Córdoba, Filandia, Genoa, The Thebaid, Montenegro, Pijao, Quimbaya, Salento