A flower next to the coffee plantations of coffee Hacienda San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). Colombian coffee-growing 500,000 families in 588 municipalities in 20 departments of Colombia, is an extraordinary diversity of languages, cultures and races, people in the coffee. The country has a wide variety of climates from heat, cold, warm and cold depending on the altitude in our coffee areas. Has coastline on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Water sources are multiple and Colombia has bimodal rainfall that provide a competitive advantage in coffee production. The country is a paradise of biodiversity around the cafe where good things happen through the draft Sustainability In Action. Colombia is a country of contrasts. Contrasts not only geography, climate and natural but also cultural contrast, customs, traditions, beliefs and ways of life according to the region in which one lives. However, about coffee cultivation have forged a strong set of beliefs and values that have an impact not only on the final quality 100% Colombian coffee but on the passion and dedication associated with cultivation. For starters we should remember that there are more than 500,000 coffee producing families live in our country from the provinces bordering with Ecuador in the south to those bordering the Caribbean Sea in the North. Over nearly 3,000 kilometers of valleys, from the extreme south to the northern tip of Colombia, facing producers in our coffee regions. As shown in the following map, ground coffee is grown in Colombia, a grain high mountains, with significant plantations in 16 departments of our country, where they operate Departmental Coffee Committees. The great majority of Colombian coffee growers live on small farms or plots whose crops of coffee, on average, do not exceed 2 hectares. Only slightly more than 5% of the Colombian coffee growers are planting larger than 5 hectares. The small size of their crops has kept a family essentially calling the Colombian coffee industry. People of coffee in Colombia has the family as one of its priorities and values.