Mirador near Manila where you can see the National Park of Los Nevados. The Los Nevados National Park is one of the most beautiful natural wonders and treasured by Colombians located in the Coffee. The Los Nevados National Park is composed of glacial peaks of El Ruiz, Santa Isabel, Tolima and the Swan and Paramillos Quindío of over 5,000 meters above sea level. Each of these peaks with a singularity to enjoy. In the Los Nevados National Park include species of birds like the hummingbird, golden eagle and the condor of the Andes. In mammals, cusumbos, spectacled bears, tapirs moor sabaneros rabbits, pumas, ocelots and deer. The flora appears as frailejones, mosses, lichens, which form the flora of the super moor, heath and high Andean forest. Orchids including the national flower of Colombia are in the landscape of the Nevados. The park offers several points of hot springs and travel to Lake Otún and Brisas sector. Similarly, different crystalline waterfalls cross the volcanic rocks. A unique and spectacular point is the Lunar Valley, a place where you can feel on the moon with its rocks, resulting from different volcanic eruptions.