Sacks of dried coffee beans ready for roasting coffee at the Hacienda San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). In addition to the freshness, the final quality of a good Colombian coffee depends on several factors. The following are the ones you necessarily have to take into account to obtain coffee as a beverage consumed in Colombia. As we have seen, coffee is a special product. Producing quality coffee demand many efforts of hundreds of thousands of producers in Colombia. So a quality drink depends on our quality coffee. The Café de Colombia is the heart of the drink. Quality is a concept applied in many areas of human evolution that allows us to achieve excellence. Be sure to buy good coffee, you know what your source will ensure the opportunity for unique pleasures that could not otherwise lograse. Today, the forms of coffee consumption can cause many different degrees of roasting coffee-roasting-. Since whites are consumed in some countries of Central Europe until very dark as can be obtained from the "French Roast" coffee preparations or Turkish type. A roast for espresso drinks can be intermediate. The different degrees of roast are associated in the way heat is applied to green coffee, the intensity of said application, and time thereof. For a deeper explanation of what happens in the roasting process, please click here. The Café de Colombia meets minimum quality thanks to controls that are carried from tree to cup and the various efforts of brand marketers that allow 100% Colombian coffee ensure outstanding. So every Colombian coffee brand can have a degree of roast that meets the tastes of a market or consumer group. Thus there is enough variability within the Café de Colombia, to ensure the desired quality and taste. It is therefore difficult to recommend a specific point of roasting. What I can mention is the need to perceive the different features that can offer us a coffee, and yes it can influence the form and degree of roasting. If you would like to enjoy a coffee acidity, I could not do with coffee at a high level of roasting. Conversely, if you like coffee with body, not to be found at low levels of roasting.