Dried coffee beans ready for roasting coffee at the Hacienda San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). The Café de Colombia is a 100% Arabica coffee, soft washing, which grows in the mountainous Colombian Coffee and meets the requirements determined by the National Committee of Coffee Growers. Processed, the Café de Colombia is a soft drink, clean cup, acidity and body with medium / high, pronounced aroma and complete. In different regions producing the Colombia Coffee cup with different profiles, the presence and intensity depends on factors such as average temperature, soil, and type of roast, among others. Through the tasting procedure used to find and assess all the sensory characteristics that define a coffee, you can identify the essential flavors and the degree of desired attributes that satisfy the tastes of discerning consumers. Always be a Colombian coffee that suits your tastes and needs. You just have to find it. Considering that coffee is a 100% natural and meets consumer needs often hedonic, special care must be taken in its preparation and storage, being a highly sensitive to temperature, oxygen from air, moisture, and odors.