Coffee grounds and others who have not been roasted in the coffee. The coffee is not only the site where there is half the exquisite Colombian coffee, but is also the second tourist destination of Colombia, after the Atlantic coast. The three departments that make it up-Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio ecoregion-up a beautiful wavy green mountains, where the coffee is just dotted with simple accommodations and exciting recreational places. About 300 farms offer accommodation in the area. Many are in operation, and several have received an award from the Coffee Club Estates: one or two grains that double stars. Some retain the colonial facades and offer rides for their crops of coffee and nuts, which are then transformed into delicious dishes and refreshments. Nature seems endless until one or other population obstructs the view. These obstacles are, respectively: Manizales, the center of academia and culture; Pereira, owner of the trade and nightly entertainment, and Quindio main target area for its tourism and environmental stress. For Quindío let's start, because there are theme parks and coffee farming culture, the infallible promise of fun.