Different coffee beans, before and after roasting in the San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). Café San Alberto, in order to ensure great taste and distinctive, that capitalizes on the best features of terroir, is produced under the requirements of the Fivefold Selection. This process was designed in the San Alberto. It is a manual process where each grain to be used for the preparation of roasted St. Albert goes through five stages of selection. Thus guarantees unbeatable tasting coffee, distinctive and consistent. Step 1: Collect ripe fruit at its ripest. Step 2: Manual selection and disposal of green fruits, overripe and defective. Step 3: Manual selection of healthy almonds and top quality for drying Step 4: Select green beans according to size Step 5: Selecting the best lot by trial cup, in which the coffee taster test to ensure that indeed the lot will be roasted faithful representation of the characteristics and attributes of the Café San Alberto. The thermal regime, governed by the altitude in Colombia associated with mountains rising over 5,000 meters high, allows the average temperature where coffee is grown in a favorable range vary from 18 ° to 24 ° C. Under these temperatures makes feasible the cultivation of coffee and prevents the occurrence of frost. Therefore, in the Colombian Coffee Region, temperatures are within the optimal range for growth of coffee, without actually experiencing extreme values (very hot or cold) to stop normal development functions. The contrasts in temperature during the day and temperature throughout the year also favor the generation of sugars and other compounds in coffee beans that develop during industrialization, valued attributes such as acidity and a balanced body.