Taxis and mc Donalds restaurant in Shanghai. McDonald's Corporation is facing a shortage of products in some outlets across northern and central China as a result of a shift away from a Shanghai supplier that allegedly sold expired meat to some fast-food chains in the country.  McDonald's outlets in Beijing and Shanghai don't have hamburgers or chicken and the restaurants are encouraging customers to purchase fish sandwiches.  U.S.-based OSI Group Inc., whose subsidiary Shanghai Husi Food Co. has been accused by Chinese authorities of intentionally selling meat beyond its shelf life to restaurant companies, on Monday said it is assigning new managers to its China business. The team of OSI managers will focus on quality assurance, compliance and auditing at the China operations.  David McDonald, president of OSI, said the Aurora, Ill., company is investigating current and former staffers and while it doesn't yet know who might be responsible for alleged misconduct at Shanghai Husi, the company will act "quickly and comprehensively" once it finds out.