Shanghai Police on the Street, near Morning Shanghai Hotel. The Historic Restaurant 1846 "Morning Shanghai"has been restored and is still open today. The Shanghai Municipal Police was the police force of the Shanghai Municipal Council which governed the Shanghai International Settlement between 1854 and 1943, when the settlement was retroceded to Chinese control. Initially composed of Europeans, most of them Britons, the force included Chinese after 1864, and was expanded over the next 90 years to include a Sikh Branch (established 1884), a Japanese contingent (from 1916), and a volunteer part-time Special police (from 1918). In 1941 it acquired a Russian Auxiliary Detachment (formerly the Russian Regiment of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps).SHANGHAI—Police forces here started carrying firearms for the first time in six decades in a program several Chinese cities plan to replicate in response to growing fears of violence from crime and terrorism. Over the weekend, more than 1,000 street-patrol officers began carrying 9mm revolvers, Shanghai's Public Security Bureau said. Several other cities across China were set to begin similar programs. The move marks one of the biggest policy turns in law-enforcement strategy and comes after knife attacks on March 1 at a train station in China's southwestern city of Kunming left 29 people dead.