Walking tour of the center of Saint Denis. Saint-Denis, the capital of the island of Reunion is an overseas department of France and one of the islands that make up the archipelago of the Mascarene Islands. It is located in southern Africa, in the Indian Ocean, St. Denis is a city with a high standard of living, here you can take a tour where the tourist that is directed there old Creole very luxurious mansions, elegant bars and terraces, There is also the area most call chic: Le Barachois. Points of interest are: the Monument to the Fallen, the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, the great market. other locations outside of the city are the small fishing village of Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains, Saint-Paul, former capital has historical buildings. For starters, Saint-Denis is a beautiful community, the largest and most populous of Meeting. Economic Capital in 1738, its name was given by a ship that ran aground near the neighboring bay. The city, which originated around the harbor at first, gradually grew, and today offers a host of attractions, among which we highlight the Official Palace India Company (now Commissioner of the island) , the General Consul palace (Natural History Museum), Haitian Creole houses of "Rue de Paris", the Christian cathedral, the Hindu temple, the Garden of l Etat etc.. Clearly, an island as impressive as the meeting, has landscapes worthy of a trip. Recall that the island itself would be created by the eruptions of two volcanoes, Piton de la Fournaise, one of the busiest in the world and located in the southeast of the island, and the volcano Piton des Neiges. There are several areas of the island from which we can see these volcanoes also have the possibility to enjoy spectacular panoramic of the whole island, a mass of natural areas to be presented before our eyes like an oasis of color. Circuses area Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie is an excellent area for hiking, climbing and canyoning. Haunted by the more adventurous tourists, the scenic beauty is one of the best visual gems stored and protected from the island. We also can not forget the spectacular beaches. Many of them are white sand, Caribbean-style. In addition, due to its volcanic formation, we find endless black sand beaches. If we want to know the best beaches on the island, without doubt must go to Saint Gilles Les Bains. The surfers who come to the island flock here by the waves, ideal for windsurfing. In the area, the best beaches, and the most visited, are the Boucan Canot and L'Hermitage. Furthermore, in Saint Gilles is a famous aquarium where we can enjoy the underwater riches of the island. Knowing a little more about the volcanic slopes, the lagoon, the coral reefs offshore etc. During the tour of the aquarium facilities, tourists can see many tropical fish of many colors or feared barracudas and sharks, seahorses, stone fish, clown fish, tiger fish, lobsters and moray eels and many others. If we want to know the wild side of the island, we definitely have to travel to the south of it (where it is Piton de la Fournaise). There, we will find, like a sentry south doors is involved with the Church of Notre Dame des laves, a church that was covered by lava flows back in 1977. This area, where there is often rash, find an almost lunar landscape, characterized by slopes and grooves made by the lava. Undoubtedly, though the visits to various museums (nearly all stationed at Saint Denis), monuments, colonial houses and so on are numerous, it is certain that the Reunion Island stands, no doubt, by the large number of landscapes beautiful natural. Thus, the recommendations always go through deep into his gut and get to know some of her fabulous natural world.