Traditional dances of the island of Reunion. One aspect to note are its dances, and the traditional Sega, or variations that slaves who performed forged of white settlers. The most important slave dance is perhaps the Maloya, slow-paced and thoughtful. In his music we find different instruments like a drum, like a maraca caiambe the houleur, and more. Are typical African rhythms, but also you can hear reggae and French or British folk music. Are common also the music of the Maloya and Sega. The predominant religion is Catholicism, which will check to see that there are many shrines around the island. While there are also followers of the Hindu faith and the Muslim. Within the culture of Reunion Island is noteworthy cuisine, with French influences, Indian, Chinese and Creole, which give rise to multiple interesting recipes. Its official language is French, but Creole is used routinely among its inhabitants.