Dances of the island of Reunion. There, in view of the black pods, tells the story of black slave Edmon, who created the practical procedure manual pollinate vanilla which is still used today. At the time of the abolition of slavery in 1848, he gave the young Edmond Albius patronymic, referring to the color "white" (alba) of the vanilla flower. Today, vanilla plantations are spread over the forests of the eastern coast and still fruitful in hand with the first light of day, as it was once. Not the only strange story being told. Everyone talks, for example, pirate La Buse, who after paying his boat off the coast of the island, decided to bury his huge treasure inside so that nobody could recover. There are still those who seek him. Or Sitarane villain whose tomb in the cemetery of Saint-Pierre, cults are held nightly. And with so many religions, the cult of the dead most native, who practiced their ceremonies Malagasy slaughter of chickens or cattle in the night of full moon, always looking to neighboring Madagascar, with a glass of rum with vanilla on hand and frenetic pace, which in some cases can go into trance, the "maloya". All very unreal, yet amazingly, almost magical. That's Meeting.