AzurTech. Area Colimaçons paragliding flight (St Leu). As a matter of fact, there is a small group of paragliding enthusiasts who are doing everything possible to reopen a high place in the Chaloupe (at 2000m). They are negotiating a time to get the necessary approvals. You can contact Pascal (the Kaz'Oceane) to give them a hand with their approaches. FYI, Pascal has planned to put a camera on the roof of his house to have a point of view on the Colimaçons off location at 800m. Pascal, always motivated, want to make a special glider house prices. The project includes accommodation, breakfast and meals and transport (night and day flights at a very interesting). Do not forget to register for the members area at the top of our website to start making your comments and suggestions on the blog (for free so take advantage of it!)