AzurTech. Paragliding in St. Leu. Réunion Island, in the INDIAN OCEAN, is an excellent place for free flight, the flight conditions are technical, but very playful. They have organized the finals of the French championships in 2000 and have reached over eight validate eight sleeves. In ten years of testing, always have been validated competitions. In 2002 he organized this international championship for the PWC count, with the main objective to include a test in La Réunion in the circuit of the 2003 World Cup, and just a few days ago I reported from France that have: this year marks the end of the Paragliding World Cup in Reunion Island, from 9 to November 15. Personally, I think they have earned and deserve. There are more than a dozen recognized flying sites on the island to all interior areas of more than 1500 meters you get there early because once they form clouds and it does so very quickly. It is always advisable to wait to see what happens with the wind: if the current regime breeze to fly, if not, you have to come back another time, since the wind is accelerated so much to be closed valleys