Vegetation in the approach to the volcano Piton de la Fournaise volcano, also known as smelling of vanilla. In a very distant islands had a great mountain that God had created the village. This was "the god of the volcano." In this strange island called fournaise was a snake, had the peculiar feature of leaving behind a smell like vanilla that made everyone in the vicinity to calm down. The people of this village learned to use this power, which it began to be the new idol of the village and the god of the volcano began to feel jealous. The people of the village was primitive, knew not communicate, nor were clever, but still had religious beliefs. The god of the volcano was very angry with the village and took it out on them making the mountain became a volcano. But the village did not know that the snake had also been created by the god of the volcano so the snake would also be affected. The serpent approaches the volcano to defend but tripped and fell into the crater. Since then people have called this volcano 'Piton de la Fournaise ", also called" The volcano that smells like vanilla. "