Downhill mountain biking in the mountains and mountain Mafate Maido. The Meeting is certainly a wonderful destination bike, but apart from the initial mass madness decline Megavalanche is relatively unknown outside of France. Even French cycling is minimal compared to the legions of hikers hut to hut his way through the island. So why should you have a bike? Despite its small size, being only 63 km long and 45 km wide, Meeting contains a lot of riding. Road or mountain, it could easily take two weeks here, either as a bike ride, or in combination with a rented car. For road riders looking for a holiday winter training with a difference, look no further. Thanks to the investment of the EU, the roads are in perfect condition and get into cross 2000m passes (and do not forget your 2000m starts at sea level). There is one major drawback to take a road bike, and it's the last kilometers of the extraordinary Plain des Sables road to the volcano unmetalled. You could hook the last bit easily enough though - the destiny is inescapable and the rise in advance is one of the best I've ever ridden in its own right. We take mountain bikes and the distances covered in our description of the route we took that into account.