Cemetery of Saint Paul, the ancient capital of Meeting, and it still gives off a certain colonial, plus a tropical character is felt in its historic buildings, which we discover as you walk around the promenade, flanked by several old cannons and different coconut. The only monument as such is its cemetery Marin, which is in good condition. This beautiful corner reminds us of the past from Reunion Island, such as when it was a haven for pirates. In fact, here are graves of famous pirates like Olivier Le Vasseur, called "La Buse" meaning the Falcon, which lies beside the famous pirate symbol of a skull and crossbones. Furthermore, in the cemetery Martin also lie the remains of various historical characters Meeting. 021-CP1217: Fumigation of sugar cane fields near the road Cambopurg. Sugar cane is the main crop and product exported from this island. Its currency is the euro since 2002 and until now. Previously we used the French franc since 1973, the year in which the country's currency replaced the French franc Meeting. The Meeting is dependent on imports of food and energy. Moreover, unemployment is a serious problem. Its Gross Domestic Product per capita is significantly lower than in mainland France. Therefore benefits from structural funds granted by the EU less favored economic zones. A date of 2010 had the highest unemployment rate in the European Union, with 28.9%