Jacky Tattoo (Salon de Tatouage à St.Leu). The past pirate island of Reunion is present in every corner. Not the only strange story being told. Everyone talks, for example, pirate La Buse, who after paying his boat off the coast of the island, decided to bury his huge treasure inside so that nobody could recover. There are still those who seek him. Or Sitarane villain whose tomb in the cemetery of Saint-Pierre, cults are held nightly. Pirates, bandits and slaves, real or fictitious come their way in the Reunion tour. As out to find a broad mix of races, traditions, music, food and religions. The latter abound Catholic, there is more to take a look at the glossary of saints who give their name to the people. There are plenty of churches, such as Piton Sainte-Rose, in the south, surrounded by lava, which recalls with votive wreaths and how to be saved from the last eruption. Catholic also, the baroque church of the small town of Sainte-Anne who has the honor of having been chosen by Truffaut to shoot the wedding scene with Catherine Deneuve Jean-Paul Belmondo in "Mississippi Mermaid," which made Meeting on the film map. Closer to the capital are the colorful temples Saint-André Tamils ??or Hindus Beaufonds or Saint-Denis, in which Shiva, Parvati Parasurama or acquire a more native and transformed into Pandialé, Maryamèn or Karli. And with so many religions, the cult of the dead most native, who practiced their ceremonies Malagasy slaughter of chickens or cattle in the night of full moon, always looking to neighboring Madagascar, with a glass of rum with vanilla on hand and frenetic pace, which in some cases can go into trance, the "Maloya". All very unreal, yet amazingly, almost magical. That's Meeting. Diving in tandem-paragliding from the top of Saint Leu and watch as the wind flirts with fabric, cane plantations, streams and coral lagoon. Visit the home of vanilla, in Saint-André, a museum that explains the process of pollination and plant ancestral wealth he brought to the island. Make a helicopter tour of the central area of ??Reunion, almost the only way to appreciate its incredible beauty in alternating volcanic deserts and lush jungles. Visit the Cave of the First French, near Saint Paul, the oldest city of the island, a place of refuge for pirates, and the nearby cemetery, where there are numerous tombs of the eighteenth century both landed and pirates. Tour the Garden of Spices, one of the largest botanical gardens that spread the island, with four acres of trees and plants, to recreate the old test range that was meeting. Haggle Forain market in Saint-Paul, in the west of Reunion weekend. On your marks, placed at the edge of the sea, admire both fruit and vegetable stalls as perfumes, handicrafts, embroidery and spices. Admire Salazie Circus with its numerous waterfalls that appear and disappear in the vegetation, and atop Hell-Bourg, part of the distinguished club "The most beautiful villages of France". Appreciate the development of a personalized perfume as those made "sense memory" as, in the town of L'Entre-Deux. Enjoy the two catchy rhythms of the island, the ancient "Maloya" sung by the slaves, and the insistent "Sega" that mixes folk music and European.