Hotel Diana Dea Lodg. Guests can enjoy cocktails and meals in a magnificent country house, 600 meters high, in the middle of a large Domaine of 150 ha and completely open to nature, designed for a relaxing: enjoy a good book while sitting leather chair in the lounge or in your room, enjoy the quiet and the views over the Doamine and the Indian Ocean and from time to time will be able to see deer. Dea Diana Restaurant, open to nature, with stunning Indian Ocean, is a place in the mineral and vegetable mixture of stone and tropical flowers and precious woods. The menu constantly evolves and is welcomed throuhout the year with a friendly and quality service. The wine list offers a wide selection of French wine, but is also open to the world. The creative cuisine of our chef and his current team, rich in scents and colors. The team is partnering with the best local produce local spices and flavors, offering a traditional menu and cuisine. Composed exclusively with fresh products, there is much room for seafood, delivered to the cottage every day, not forgetting the local specialties such as the Meeting: coconut chou, chouchou, yams, Cambar, Bourbon and Vanilla selection of French specialties such as meat medallion, Foie Gras, Duck Breast, Noix de Saint-Jacques. As the seasons pass, our meeting and French chefs seamlessly integrate their talent and ingenuity to the processing of fruit and vegetables from the island but long forgotten. The table on the Diana Dea Lodge is reputed as one of the best in the area.