INDIA CROSSING THE RIVER GANGES The Very Special Varanasi Boat Cruise on Holy Ganga. Express so eloquently by Scott; sunrise on River Ganges is indeed magical and has a mystical quality about it. The vivid images of sun rising over the horizon and rising of the sleeping city of Varanasi with the first ray of the sun transfix international and domestic tourists alike. Rituals and ceremonies of Life and Death; considered to be two phases of the journey of soul in Hinduism; take place along side each other. There are pilgrims and devotees who enter the chilly waters of the river to bathe and wash away their sins with a holy dip in the river; and there are near and dear ones of the departed; who come to flow away the ashes after the cremation ceremony in the hope to seek salvation for the souls of their dead.The early morning boat ride along the banks of River Ganges has become a modern-age ritual introduced to the city by Varanasi tourism industry. You will find a number of boatmen at the Ghats of Varanasi quite early in the morning. It is here that you will find TNS Travel Pvt. Ltd. quite useful to help you experience the best without having to spoil the good mood. TNS Travels features one-hour hassle-free and pleasurable luxury sun rise boat cruise on River Ganges that will transport you to a different world altogether.