INDIA CROSSING THE RIVER GANGES Sadhus in saffron colored loins can be seen performing their rituals on the steps of the Dasaswamedha Ghat; which is believed to be the place where Lord Brahma sacrificed ten horses at this Ghat so that Lord Shiva would return from his self-imposed banishment after the death of his beloved wife – Sati. Other Ghats covered in the morning boat ride include Man Mandir Ghat that was built by Maharaja of Jaipur in the 18th century and sports the Moon God Shrine; and the Assi Ghat; where a holy dip is believed to purify one’s mind; body and soul to perform true worship. The pleasure boat on River Ganges also takes you on an unforgettable trip to Barnasangam; Panchganga; Dattatreya; Kedar; Scindia and Harishchandra Ghats that all look almost alike with the colorful pictures and holy bells of temples tinkling in the background.