Helsinki. The Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral. The Orthodox Cathedral of Helsinki (Uspenskin Katedraali), was designed and built in the time of Russian domination of the area by the Russian Emperor Alexander II. This is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals throughout Europe and an architectural symbol of Helsinki. This magnificent building Katajanokka Hill, offers fantastic views of the city of Helsinki. Inside, the most typical is dressed orthodox style, so it has stunning lamps, spectacular vaults and a superb collection of orthodox religious icons. Sights of Helsinki: Helsinki Cathedral (Storkyrkan) Museum of Contemporary Art, known as Kiasma Museum of Fine Arts in Helsinki in Tennispalatsi Municipal Hall National Museum of Fine Arts, or Kansallismuseo classic building of the University of Helsinki The original church Temppeliaukio , built inside a rock opera house, building a modern edgy from Helsinki you can enjoy interesting trips on the ferries that take you to the six islands. Highlights Suomenlinna, a very peculiar Helsinki, the ancient fortress city and the castle. The strength is especially interesting, since it has been declared a World Heritage Site. Transport of Helsinki: Helsinki has an advanced communications system air, land, sea and rail, but the best way to reach this city is by plane, through the airport Helsinki-Vantaa International. Once the capital of Finland, you can visit the country by train, bus or boat for short distances, but to move within Helsinki is recommended to use the metro and tram.