The chapel of silence. The chapel of silence recently inaugurated in Helsinki is a secular space paid by the association of Lutheran churches in the city. No priests, who listen to those who need to talk to are social workers. The commission was made ??clear. It was recovered a religious idea to improve it: listen without judgment. It was also about those who need to be heard does not have to queue in front of the corporate offices sit quietly in front of other people also waiting to hear them. A Finnish study, K2S, won the competition in 2008, while winning another for the Finnish pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. Like that, this is wood as a precious material, warm, noble and close at the same time. He hopes to reach people with a simple but iconic. The project is expensive, a jewel for the city visible and a refuge for the needy amid the bustle of the Finnish capital: Narinkka Square, where the subway comes to the center. It cost seven million euros and the work done on it is a cabinetmaker. Also in future. Dare to design a shelter for existential anxiety that devours so many Westerners outside the sacred territory. Get to the bustle that hides many problems of people living without problems. Converted to claim the chapel, imposes silence. It serves tourists and needy. Nobody raises there voice. It is a wake up call. The barrel contains only the chapel. Access is through a prism of concrete and glass have a room where social workers. That prelude prism works well in cold weather and snow (over half a year in Helsinki) and saves the umbrellas and coats of those who come there. This is to prepare. Also to strip. To reach the silence without visual noise and lightweight luggage.