Tunnel entrance from the pier to the island of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg). Considering the island of Suomenlinna part of the city of Helsinki, you can travel to it by taking a regular ferry (about 4 € return). During the half hour that lasts little journey, you can see other smaller islands with enigmatic solitary houses and a view of the bay of Helsinki. The square where a market is Sami and souvenir stalls. Suomenlinna is a group of islands linked by bridges, very important for the Finns. Here are forged from Helsinki history: in 1748 the Swedes built the fortress included in the World Heritage of Humanity to fend off the Russians, though they were hindered little strength to beat them. Curiously, once called Viapori (Swedish fortress) and now his name is Suomenlinna (Finnish strength), since Finland gained independence from Russia. The place is full of tunnels, with stone walls of great thickness and small windows, all islands are walled to prevent enemy armies could be in some other island and attack from there. The guns pointing in all directions and you can see that spared no size. Each gun has its own armory that houses are Hobbit style you see in the photo, you can now do everything there to picnic, swim at the beach or just take a nap in the gardens. It is a neighborhood with unpaved and Nordic style houses surrounded by water. Near the bridge that connects the two main islands, Iso Mustasaari and Susisaari is the visitors center of the House of inventory, which provide tourist information and maps, and organized walking tours in summer. The same building houses the Museum of Suomenlinna, which explains the history of the island.