Augustin Ehrensvärd Memorial Sculpture on the island of Suomenlinna (Sveaborg). The main character in the history of Suomenlinna is Ehrensvärd Augustin, director of the fortifications of Suomenlinna for three periods. Besides being a competent soldier, Ehrensvärd was a skilled painter and illustrator, whose art can be seen in Suomenlinna in many formats. Ehrensvärd Sveaborg fortifications led from the start in 1748. It was praised, but also criticized, for example, most creative technical solutions in fortification. The criticism was partly due to the fact that after Ehrensvärd was quite independent. Put aside the office of fortification in making decisions regarding Sveaborg caused some bitterness. In the 1755-1756 parliamentary session, Ehrensvärd got his proposal was approved in a naval unit naval base which would be established in Sveaborg. Ehrensvärd was named base commander and member of the College of war. His first term in Sveaborg ended at the start of the Seven Years War in 1756. Ehrensvärd returned to his task in Sveaborg in 1762, but the second term was cut short after only three years, when the party took over Caps and practically stopped all work of fortification. A war wound began to weaken Ehrensvärd condition. Ehrensvärd began a third period leading to the strengthening works Sveaborg in 1770, when the party had returned to power Hats. His health, however, continued to deteriorate, and in the summer of 1771 he was asked to resign from office. After this, he still continued as commander in the Navy, but the fortifications became the responsibility of others. Ehrensvärd Augustin Conde died November 4, 1772. He had been promoted to field marshal just weeks before. At the command of King Gustav III, a monumental tomb was erected by Ehrensvärd in Susisaari Sveaborg island. The king even participated in the design of the monument.