The Street Art Project Simonkatu. One of the many galleries for artists with which the city of Helsinki. l Ancient Art Galleries Aside HELSINKI Helsinki's museums, art lovers should consider art galleries run by artists of the city. The best-known small galleries are in the city center, while new spaces have flourished recently alternative trend in neighborhoods like Kallio. Acclimate the art scene in Helsinki is easy, since many of the galleries that are in the city center are close to each other. During one visit on foot, you can visit several different galleries and get a good idea of ??Finnish modern art and the local art scene. In the galleries downtown city can familiarize you with a variety of art forms, from photography and painting, video and sculpture. Among the galleries exhibiting modern art are regularly featured at Galerie and Galerie Forsblom Anhava. COMMERCIAL AND AMBITION Valjakka the critic Timo, Helsinki hosts a half dozen commercial modern art galleries and artistically ambitious. It adds that an art aficionado active often visit exhibitions and Anhava Forsblom as both exhibit works of leading artists. "Forsblom is the only one that exhibits works of international superstars, as Julian Schnabel, Peter Halley and Tony Oursler. Moreover, in Anhava important artists can see Nordic Finnish besides works ", says Valjakka. Among other highlights malls also Kalhama-Piippo Contemporary, plus galleries Heino, Love and Korjaamo. Among the galleries run by local artists associations Sculptor is located in the southern port of Helsinki, in honor of his name, exhibits sculptures. Another is Hippolyte, who specializes in photography and will move to a new space in the center of Helsinki in early 2012. Nearly two galleries there are other organizations run by artists. For example, Forum Bo, near Hietalahti market, hosts various events as well as exhibitions. Alternative attitudes and trendy look who can address garde art galleries or Sinne Kluuvi also keep up on the events of the two small galleries Huuto ("Scream"). "The critics and representatives of museums, in addition to the commercial gallery owners are very aware of these galleries and occasionally do some finding," says Valjakka. Oksasenkatu 11, Töölö, is a noteworthy alternative gallery. Napa and Myymälä2, in the neighborhood of Punavuori, boast a youthful attitude. The vibrant and artistic district of Kallio also hosts a number of galleries, among his best Alkovi spaces are counted, and Kingi Kongi Kallio Kunsthalle. Meanwhile, the district Suvilahti, which is flourishing rapidly, with Make Your Mark, which promotes street art.