The old park Kaivopuisto often visited by bicycle or walking especially at sunset, offering great views and an unforgettable sunset. Helsinki is a very green city with many parks and among them is the most popular is the Kaivopuisto around Ullanlinna hill (Ullanlinnanmäki). This is an old park, with restaurant and nightclub kaivohuone dating from 1830 and the small observatory on top of the hill until 1926. It is popular throughout the year, with picnics and life-park in summer and snow fights and sledding in winter. The height of the popularity is still Kaivopuisto day celebrations of May Vappu students first. The entire park (several hectares) then fill with student picnic and flow of sparkling wine. During the summer there are always at least several concerts and other events in the park. The small neighborhood is named after the park consists mainly of old villas of the Russian nobility in the 1800s. Many of them are now the residences of foreign ambassadors to Finland. It was also here where the statesman and war hero Finn CG Mannerheim lived his residence and now houses the Museum Mannerheim The neighborhood is also home to the city's Catholic cathedral, the Cathedral of San Enrique. The park and the neighborhood belong to Ullanlinna district in southern Helsinki with Eira, Kaartinkaupunki, Punavuori, Munkkisaari, islands and proper and as Kaivopuisto Ullanlinna neighborhood is quite small, many think it is, or think of it as a part of Ullanlinna.